Baba Fumika ”Baba travel”馬場ふみか 写真集 「ばばたび」Japanese gravure Idol

Baba Fumika ”Baba travel”馬場ふみか 写真集 「ばばたび」Japanese gravure Idol

Baba Fumika ”Baba travel”馬場ふみか 写真集 「ばばたび」



We are pleased to announce the publication of the first travel book on the theme of “women’s trip” by actress Fumika Baba. More than 260 photos recorded!
Adhering to a “Yuru Journey” that visited two cities, Cairns, Australia and Melbourne. Photos with private feelings, beautiful local scenery where she met, favorite places, meals etc. are also included with text. In the isolated island of the sea where you endured severe sea sickness, and in the pool of the hotel in the early morning when it was unexpectedly cold, you can see the best swimsuit. The “God’s modeling” that all boys await and all girls aspire to, has been scaled up and is alive and well!


-Personal comment
“In the past, I was an indoor school who hated airplanes, but with the recent changes in my feelings, I decided to publish a book like this for the theme of “Girls’ Travel.” It was not a loose trip at all, but rather a hard location, but I am very happy that I could carry a mofumofu koala.I do not know how much it will be useful for traveling, but a fierce man who will read this and follow the journey I’m very happy to be alone.”

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