Baba Fumika ”Iroppoyo” 馬場ふみか 写真集 「色っぽょ」Japanese gravure Idol

Baba Fumika ”Iroppoyo” 馬場ふみか 写真集 「色っぽょ」Japanese gravure Idol

Baba Fumika ”Iroppoyo”馬場ふみか 写真集 「色っぽょ」

ISBN  978-4-08-780805-6


Debuted in gravure with “Weekly Playboy” and “Weekly Young Jump”.
Selected as a non-no exclusive model, she is active in both the female magazine model and male magazine gravure.
Fumika Baba’s 1st photo book that drives the new trend of gravure called ”MOGURA” girls.
The “perfect body” that combines the sweet baby face that attracted attention even in the role of the enemy female executive of “Kamen Rider Drive”, the dynamite bust that does not match it, and the wonderful constriction unique to female magazine models, is a symbol of the new gravure era I can say.
As the first photo book that fans have been waiting for, the refreshing swimsuit and smile in the southern country, and the elements of the “gravure” that cut out the ennui expression that can be said to be the true value, and the element of the “model” that emphasizes that unique style Docked.
Beyond the current state of continuous growth in the fields of men’s and women’s magazines, you can see the future of going up the stage as an actress-a book like that.
Also includes a “bust ban” cut that has never been seen before.
Please enjoy the power of “God’s molding”, a photo book!

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