Goddess YoshiokaRiho吉岡里帆

Goddess YoshiokaRiho吉岡里帆



Yoshioka Riho

Height is 158 cm, three sizes are B82 cm, W60 cm, H85 cm

Born in Uzumasa, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, he grew up familiar with various arts and cultures such as movies, theater, Kabuki, Noh, Japanese dance, and rakugo from an early age.
In junior high school, he belonged to the brass band club, and after going on to Kyoto Prefectural Sagano High School, he temporarily worked as a manager of the light music club and soft ball club, but he spends his days studying and working part-time.
Special skills are calligraphy and alto saxophone. Calligraphy is eight steps, and at the age of seven, he started at the invitation of a friend and went on to college with the aim of becoming a calligrapher in junior high school and high school, showing his skills on variety shows.
Longing for the movie “Swing Girls”, he belonged to the brass band club when he was a student and played alto saxophone.

My hobbies are playing with cats and watching Shinpa theater [1]. I like all living things, and I especially like cats like no other, as I spell out “I have a severe cat addiction” on my blog.
The whole family loves cats, and they have five cats and one dog at their parents’ house in Kyoto. Regarding the Shinpa, he said, “The appeal is that it goes into the hearts of the masses forever.”

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